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Questions? Problems? Need a chat?


Our phone number is +48 71 71 626 99

You can call us between 9 and 19 on any business day.

This doesn’t apply to client emergency contact - if you’re
in dire need for help, look for the phone on Customer Card

It’s the 2nd page of our contract, in the PDF we sent you
multiple times and on our issues tracking system.


For general communication, we’re available at [email protected]

If your inquiry should be for board eyes only, send it to [email protected]

For invoices, please use [email protected]


illumo Creating Universes sp. z o.o.
Gajowicka 111/16, 53-421 Wroclaw, POLAND
VAT-ID: 8943077747 D-U-N-S: 421781888

Postal Address: Emilii Plater 3/2, 51-680 Wroclaw, POLAND

Registered in court for Wroclaw-Fabryczna, VI Chamber of National Commerce Registry

KRS: 0000615708 REGON: 364338040


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