Hello Multiverse


There’s a Polish saying: “szewc bez butów chodzi”. It roughly
translates to “the shoemaker’s children are ill-shod”.

Well, for us, we can confirm that this is truly the case, as
this is our third web page and we hope it’ll be final.

As for our first post, I’d like to apologize that we don’t have
full services section and pretty much everything is bare right now.

But trust us. Something’s big is coming in the coming weeks and
days, this place will be very active and stagnation’s over.

Oh, and also, we have several logos to show off. But again, ssh.

As for this blog, it’ll sometimes be a rant, sometimes technology
perspective, sometimes social analysis, maybe a gallery and a
sneak peek of what we’re building, but now we’ll update it constantly.

And trust us, we have a lot to share.

Future is just around the corner. And in our case, literally.

Also, expect a few interesting people that we’d like to present to you
before the big news. It’ll be interesting!

For past 2 years we had came a very long way, and we’ll be eager to
share the journey too.

Stay tuned.


We always welcome your thoughts, but for us webpage comments fell short as a means of discussion a long time ago, and since social media made attention span got so short, there would be probably hundreds of the same voices. If you have any comments, especially criticizing this piece, we'll happily publish them here, in-article. Just drop us an e-mail at [email protected]

Article really made a point to talk about? Send us a note - and let's host live discussion, open for everyone! We'll even try to bring in some experts! And after event, we'll share a recording under CC0 license for everyone to enjoy.